ADORE Africa Safari Guide

Frequently Asked Safari Questions

Although we can put together a stunning last-minute safari in a matter of days, you’ll get a wider choice of accommodation and other options if you can plan at least six months ahead. If you’re a larger group of friends or a family, give us as much time as possible to craft the perfect holiday for you.

Although we can put together a stunning last-minute safari in a matter of days, you’ll get a wider choice of accommodation and other options if you can plan at least six months ahead. If you’re a larger group of friends or a family, give us as much time as possible to craft the perfect holiday for you.

This depends on the time you have available, your wishes and budget. We will often suggest combining two or even three countries. For example, gorilla tracking combines wonderfully with a classic big game safari in Kenya or Tanzania while the spectacular scenery and desert adapted species in Namibia mix perfectly with Botswana’s pristine wilderness. Or even combining a Safari and Beach holiday option.

Africa is vast – hopping from one country to another can take several hours or more – so it’s important to allow time to travel. Seven days on the ground would be the minimum we would suggest, ten days or more is ideal. We’ll make the best of your time by connecting contrasting areas with light aircraft flights, allowing you to see as much as possible without feeling rushed. Ten to twelve days are the more optimal time to spend on the ground.

Once your holiday is confirmed, we will provide you with extensive pre-departure information which contains everything you need to know prior to your holiday. We’re always happy to help on the phone or over email, no matter how small a query may seem.

ADORE Africa’s service continues in Africa, where you’ll be met at every airport and greeted warmly at each camp and lodge. We love hearing about your travels and will be in touch on your return to find out how you have enjoyed your safari.

The standard of food is very high – even in the remotest lodges and mobile-tented camps. Most lodges have qualified chefs on hand. Part of the safari experience today is cuisine and a great emphasis is placed on food and wine – and there will be more than sufficient.

Whilst in some areas people do drink the local water, we would always advise our guests to drink bottled water throughout their stay in Africa. If you have any queries about this on your trip, just speak to your camp/lodge managers.

Most accommodations in Africa will have facilities to charge batteries for cameras and video recorders but it is advisable to bring spare batteries as backup. Many establishments have the necessary adaptors to fit all international plugs but it is advisable to bring your own adaptors.

You will probably go through your African Safari without encountering anything that can be construed as a dangerous situation. You will, in all likelihood, get up close and personal with some of Africa’ most dangerous animals albeit it from the safety of a safari vehicle.

Listening to your guide will ensure that these encounters stay memorable for the right reasons. When in the wilderness areas it is advisable to listen to the safety talks. Do not think for one moment that you can do your own thing. Although animals can be approached in the safari vehicles, they are wild and will react to a threat. A person walking in their territory is considered a threat. This means you.

Medical kits are available at lodges and in safari vehicles to treat minor inflictions. You, however, should pack your own basic medical kit with painkillers, antiseptic cream, anti-histamine and plasters.

Prescription medicines must be brought with on safari and it is important to note that a description of the medicine should be obtained from your practitioner in case of emergency while on safari. The description will allow for medical personal in Africa to find a replacement prescription if necessary.

Although malaria is prevalent in Africa the chance of you as a visitor contracting the disease is very small. Malaria is rife in highly populated areas and these areas are generally not on the tourist route. Nonetheless, malaria is a killer. It is essential to take prophylactics, which must be administered by your GPs before departing on your safari.

Although there are places you cannot get to without light aircraft travel the majority of safari destinations are accessible by motor vehicle. Even in the Okavango Delta there are camps that can be accessed by motor vehicle and / or by motor boat. The best way of getting around would be on mobile lodge safari.

A fly-in safari is ideal for an itinerary that has time constraints. All transfers to and from camps will be by light aircraft which allows for more time to enjoy each area without having to spend time driving to the next destination.

A mobile tented safari is the best option. The tented camps range from basic camping facilities to fully serviced mobile camps. The safaris will be guided by experienced guides, ensuring a much-enhanced safari experience. An ADORE Africa Private Travel Designer will assist in making the right choice for your guided mobile tented safari.

A self-drive safari is ideal for those wanting to experience the parks on their own. Although the roads in many countries of Africa are notoriously bad, and 4×4 are essential there are places where normal sedan cars can easily go. The Kruger National Park is the ideal place for a self-drive family safari. Roads are good, accommodation reasonable, fuel and supplies readily available and the option is there to hire guides for some of the activities.

There are a number of options available for a safari with a difference. Walking safaris of varying lengths allow for a different perspective on the wilderness. These are guided by some of the best and most experienced guides on the continent.

Other options for specialist safaris include birding, photographic, canoeing, mokoro and cultural safaris. All provide a unique and unforgettable experience. ADORE Africa’s Private Travel Designers can help with the right choice for a specialist safari most suited to your needs.