ADORE Africa Safari Guide

Safari Style


Your travel style is a matter of personal preference influenced by the people you intend to travel with, your budget and the vacation time you have available. If your budget is limited, you’ll want the most affordable options. If you have limited time, you’ll want the most efficient travel logistics.

Which one of these travel types do you prefer?

Our tailoring service doesn’t cost you anything extra – it’s the value you get when you book through a quality travel company. Our Private Travel Designers match your wish list, preferences and budget to the most suitable accommodation, activities and locations, and make sure you get the best value for your time and money.

Private tailored: 

This style of travel features private guides, vehicles, transfers, accommodation and activities tailored to your specific interests, such as bird watching on safari. You have a high degree of control over your meals and daily schedule, plus private facilities wherever you stay.

Set departures: 

These safari experiences start and end on fixed dates during the year. This type of travel includes luxury train journeys and mobile safari expeditions and we tailor make the rest of your itinerary.

ADORE Africa does not own any accommodation or Safari camps in Africa.

This is a very good thing because it allows us complete flexibility and more importantly, variety for your individual taste.

Each year, our Private Travel Designers go on their own African safaris. 
They visit the camps to personally experience the accommodations, activities, the best seasons for game viewing, meals, and service.

Our recommendations for you are based on expert and first-hand experience.