ADORE Africa Safari Guide

Safari Etiquette

There are certain rules and regulations that one should be aware of while on safari.

One of the highlights of most safaris is going on game drives and bush walks, where you get the opportunity to see amazing wildlife in their natural habitat. However, it is vitally important that you remember to respect the natural surroundings and wildlife.

The safari vehicles are very safe as long as you take heed of your guide’s instructions – no standing in the vehicle and no loud talking or shouting.

The following are some guidelines you should follow:

  • Bush vegetation is extremely sensitive. Off-road driving causes erosion and encourages the encroachment of unwanted plant species. Observe the animals silently and with a minimum of disturbance to their natural activities. Loud talking on game drives can frighten the animals away or scare them. 
  • Night drives with excessive use of spotlights disrupt the activities of nocturnal animals causing temporary blindness and disorientation. 
  • Never tease or corner wild animals, this may cause an unpredictable response and a potentially dangerous reaction. 
  • Never attempt to leave the vehicle unless the driver or safari guide has given you the go-ahead to do so and stay within the proximity of the vehicle as suggested.
  • Do not remove any natural material from wildlife reserves. This disrupts the ecology of the area and promotes the spreading of diseases amongst domestic animals and crops.
  • Never attempt to attract an animal’s attention. Don’t imitate animal sounds, clap your hands, pound the vehicle or throw objects. 
  • Refrain from wearing bright colours on safari – rather wear neutral, earthy and dark colour clothing.
  • Please respect your driver and/or safari guide’s judgment about your proximity to certain wild animals. Don’t insist that he take the vehicle closer so you can get a better photograph. A vehicle driven too close can hinder a hunt, or cause animals to abandon a hard-earned meal. 
  • Remember that your guide is an expert, so always follow his advice and ask him questions if you are unsure of anything.
  • Refrain from smoking on game drives. The dry African bush ignites very easily, and a flash fire can kill many animals. 
  • Never attempt to feed or approach any wild animal on foot. This is especially important near lodges or in campsites where animals may have become accustomed to human visitors.
  • Do not take photographs of anyone without asking. Even if you would like to take a picture of children, it is impolite to do so without asking (try to consider the same situation with young children from your own family). It is prudent not to visit any programme that is not specifically suggested and condoned by your Private Travel Designer (this includes orphanages and schools).